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„A powerful and fulfilled business or carrier is a byproduct of living to your heart’s desires”

If you are a conscious profesional and you are leveling up other people’s lives, I would love to here more about your mission!

You are here for a reason!

The time for a change is now, and you deeply feel it.
You want to stop wasting opportunities that pass you by every day and are willing to go out of the vicious circle to own your brilliance.
Are you ready to meet this glamorous 7-figure lady boss from your dreams? This successful woman with a mission-driven business, who is independent and fulfilled, is waiting for you!
If you would like to meet her, then you are in the right place, as I might be able to guide you.

Who am I? 

I am hired by female entrepreneurs to heal their business and make them thrive, so they can enjoy the freedom of being their boss, because they are living their deepest heart’s desire, stop wasting their time and money, after implementing my Thriving Business Activation.

Now, I lead women like you every day, in all areas of their lives and career stages. Men’s leadership style never really supported us ladies and is a thing of the past. Juggling family commitments and branching out with business ideas is a fine balancing act. That is why we all need a little help from time to time. Find out if we could work together.

You might know me also as: 

Mentor of Female Entrepreneurs

Healer of Female Businesses

Spiritual Business Strategist

My story 

Marta’s entrepreneurial journey started in 2012, when as an architect, she fell in love with property investing and two years later in personal development.

After discovering the power of networking in 2015, she began organizing local and global events.
That elevated her consulting business for investors.

After years of observations in 2018, Marta found out that whatever is happening in the client’s businesses is mirroring their personal lives.

The implementation of supportive methods into her consulting practice helped her guide entrepreneurs into the root of the real problems.

In 2019, she became aware of her life purpose. Now, Marta is hired by women around the world to heal their businesses and unlock their 6- & 7-figure potential.

Over Events

Almost Attendees & Clients

My superpowers & values

By Numerology. Life Path 35/8 blessed me with superpowers to heal and guide. It is giving me a profound connection with deep insights along with implementation skills. My passion to guide you towards your 7-figure empire’s vision was born here, as those are very strong business ability numbers. That is why the consistency of combining what is above with what is below is so true to me – business mirrors life. It is my purpose to heal businesses.

By Human Design. 4/6 Projector – type mental. Only 2% of the population have those rare teacher’s and guide’s abilities. It means that I am naturally receiving information through the crown, third eye, and throat chakras. Incarnation cross of ”Explanation” shows my mission. It is about giving others an uncommon explanation, one that most people would not think of. The energy that gets the collective out of a wrong belief is in deep alignment with me.

9 enables me to establish global humanity projects to see the bigger picture with intuition and empathy.
4 makes me a fantastic organizer. It keeps me grounded in my spiritual service and enables me to build business strategies.

5 is my natural networking ability. Blessess me with constant life force flow and enables healing on distance.
11 comes from name and surname. It gives me psychic abilities and supports my global projects with international friendships.

By Kabbalah. The life path makes me an extremely good counselor through my own experiences and I am blessed with the ability to understand the depths of the soul. There is not much room for error here. Presenting the spiritual and business world to others from my pespective is my passion.

 Are you ready to own your brilliance?

 Your gifts, talents, along with your life purpose are waiting to be discovered!

Marta says:

I know what it is like to be a child with health problems and live almost 20 years with the wrong diagnosed illness.
Not only that, but I know what it is like to be employed from 9-5 and be a weekend warrior.
I do remember when I was financially dependent on a partner when raising a baby.
Furthermore, I know how difficult it was to get myself back into life after an 18-year-old relationship.
Likewise, I know what it is like to be a single mum and rely on others, but on the other hand, be too proud and do not ask for help.
I still remember how painful it was to see who I am inviting to my business.

Everything changed when I took responsibility. Now life is happening by me, not to me.

We are all in it together, so do not stay too long on your own.
Let’s connect when you are ready to take action.

What others say about me?

Marta is an exceptional mentor. She not only knows the business at her fingertips, but also uses a variety of coaching and spiritual techniques to help clients act effectively. There is no similar person in the UK. Certainly, her unique knowledge in the field of finance, numerology, or other techniques to eliminate spiritual blockages, as well as intuition is at the level of the world’s leader in business mentoring. I recommend her with a pure heart to all those looking for an extraordinary approach to business, which is familiar to the greatest stars and famous people in the world and so far reserved only for the chosen ones.

Margaret A. Szwed

Community Consultant for the UK Government, Multicultural Marketing Consultancy

I met Marta at one of the workshops. Over the years, I have been an observer of her changes, growth, paths in personal, spiritual, and business development. I can call her a ”soul doctor” who accurately diagnoses and shows what we should work on at a given moment in our lives. She efficiently uses a range of tools and knows which to use for the person with whom she is working. I recommend Marta. It is a beautiful, but sometimes uncomfortable way into your own heart (soul). As Marta used to say, „THE LONGEST AND HARDEST PATH IS THIS ONE FROM OUR HEAD TO OUR HEART”.

Anna Sepko

Founder & CEO, Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Companies

Marta is very dedicated, warm, and professional. I was involved as a speaker at a conference Marta organized in 2020, and she was a pleasure to deal with – I see Marta as a great listener and a fantastic communicator, with outstanding skills in project management. Her level of attention to detail is second to none. Marta’s expertise in real estate and investment is world-class, and she was able to support me with her experience in a very timely manner, helping me out with property related dilemmas I was struggling to find answers for due to their complexity. Marta is also a wonderful networker, spotting synergy between people, and she’s passionate about bringing them together in a most natural way. I highly recommend Marta!  

Katarzyna Lanucha

Intercultural Trainer and Coach, University of Cambridge

I’d love to hear from you

I am always thrilled with win-win opportunities and collaboration ideas, which make our empires thrive.
If you share similar values and thoughts feel free to contact me directly.