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Raise your confidence to become a thought leader who drives meaningful change 

Find out your three biggest limitations blocking you to move up in your field and how to overcome them.

Welcome! You are in the right place, if:

You are a female entrepreneur with a vision of creating a heart-centered 7-figure empire. Something is stopping you from achieving it, though. Frustration of being stuck for far too long is not helping you find the fastest track to success. Is researching the right tools keeping you overwhelmed in a vicious circle?

You are ready to elevate your empire but feel lost in the crowd. There are many similar and better services out there. You would like to implement your intuition and creativity into your business to help other people. Is the fear of being visible holding you back?

You are aware that your empire will grow only when you will grow. Business & personal development is your everyday mantra. You are willing to invest in yourself and fulfil your highest soul calling. Do you feel that there is still something stopping your efforts, even though you have been working on yourself for years?

You want to jump full time into your passion, help others and be well rewarded from it. Everyday job is still financial support, and you undercharge for your expertise. Are you afraid of social media and marketing industry, while giving away free advice?


I am on a mission to empower visionary female entrepreneurs with their dream of creating 7-figure empires.
Money earned from our heart-centered businesses will amplify our highest soul purposes, secure our family’s future, help other people change their lives, and leave a legacy of making the world a better place.
We are healing our businesses and making them thrive!

Would you like to know me a bit better?


Marta discovered a secret, that whatever is happening around the business is mirroring customer’s personal lives.

The implementation of transformational methods into her consulting is helping her recognize the root of the challenges her clientele is facing, guide them through the releasing of their blocks and creating lasting changes.

She is the creator of Thriving Business Technic, based on her experience, along with core business, psychological and spiritual knowledge.

Marta believes that your empire is in your hands. It is ready to generate strong 6- or 7-figure profit only when and if you are ready. Remember that despite the ups and downs of life’s previous chapters, it is never too late to give your story of an independent lady boss a happy ending – you deserve it!

Are you ready to elevate your empire?

Thriving Business Activation is a powerful strategy if you are a female entrepreneur and would like to profit from your heart-centered business.
As a result of the implementation of this technique, you will stop wasting your time & money and start fulfilling your soul’s highest calling.

It is based on 1-2-1 sessions. Look at this 3-month program with your heart and mind wide open and watch the changes in your personal and business life unfold when you allow Marta to support you with her superb Numerology and Spiritual Response Therapy expertise.

Most of the time, the roots of challenges in business are deep hidden and unconscious. That is why there is a need to be guided to unlock your fullest potential.
In this step, we are recognizing the reasons behind the obstacles.

The understanding of your business comes very naturally to you. The clarity is on its way. The more you are willing to let go of, the more space for new opportunities will arrive.
At this stage, power has been brought back to you.

The realising process is only as effective and as the maintenance of it. Now is the time to re-create your business. With the tool tailored to your needs, you are ready to thrive.
In this step, practice makes perfect, and the power is in your hands.

Could it be for you?

For many of us, owning a business can be fulfilling and life-affirming. It also changes us in ways we never expected. It could be one of the most rewarding challenges of our lives.
By the end of the day, you just want to be you, comfortable in your femininity, successful in your profession, relaxed at home – an accomplished woman. Too good to be true, right? It is possible to have it all, though.
There is nothing to lose, but so much to gain.
Find out how this mentorship program and Thriving Business Activation will support your way to 7-figure profit.

Who is hiring me?

    If you are a woman and
  • Business owner,
  • Entrepreneur,
  • Start-up or
  • Mompreneur

on top of that, you fell in love with changing other people’s lives, while growing your 7- figure empire – I might be able to heal your business.

If your purpose is so strong that you cannot wait any longer to fulfil your heart’s desire – I would love to guide you towards your vision.

If you are ready to do whatever it takes, but have almost given up your entrepreneurial journey – my mentorship program will show you the way.

Konsultacja Marta Duda

Does it sound familiar?

You are successful in your business, but struggle to elevate it to achieve strong 6- or 7-figure profit.
Maybe you are already looking for spiritual guidance to achieve your heart’s desires and manifest them through your service.
Not only that, the below expressions might also be well known to you:

  • Working on yourself for years, but something is blocking your passion and business expansion.

  • Aware of deeply hidden and even unconscious obstacles of current life and business situations.

  • Convinced that successful business growth is correlated with your development.

  • Happy to invest in your empire, which is why you appreciate my business and spiritual guidance.

  • Ready to serve your dream, premium clients, and stop relying on recommendations only.
  • Feeling that something is holding you away from success, and you are ready to step into your power to thrive.
  • Struggling to stand out in the market and looking into rebranding.
  • Overwhelmed by the social media/marketing industry and your business deserves a tailored business strategy.

  • Looking to increase the quality of your service and clientele effectiveness.
  • Prepared to let go of employment and set up your empire for success to be an independent lady boss.
  • Facing burnout in your profession, but want to turn your limitations into positive actions.
  • Ready to launch your business and would like to prepare for it personally and strategically.

  • Confused about how you can serve others, what your superpowers and heart’s desires are.
  • Scared of being recognized for your gifts and feeling that you have to learn even more and more.
  • Lacking self-confidence and afraid to be judged or criticized for what you do.
  • Dreaming about being independent to earn from your passion, but have been going in circles for some time.

How to start?

There could be chaos in your business, although you are constantly working.
The desire to feel the magic again and earn with ease is burning out.
The urge to know your purpose is growing.
Wherever you are on your journey, you are probably aware of momentary difficulties caused by discouragement that arise in the transformation process. That is why there is nothing except for excuses to stop you from thriving and success …

. . . Imagine

Profiting from your superpowers.

Expanding to serve your ”dream” clientele.

Charging more for your advice and insights.

Discovering an entry to a higher level of work with committed prospects.

Acting, taking control and responsibility for your own life and its quality.

Overcoming excuses, limitations, and changing the attitude.

Stepping into greater self-awareness and self-understanding.

Let’s explore what stops you from achieving your goals and making your 7-figure empire dream come true.

To find out, book a free call to explore your four main blocks and how to overcome them. Ready to thrive?

Whose business is ready for healing?

Do you remember my words?
”The fastest track to your 7-figure empire is to follow your deepest heart’s desire.”
Every empire, project, or service has its founder. The question should be rather … is the creator of the business ready for healing?

An empire, founded by a businesswoman, who is taking seriously her vision of growing a strong 6- or 7-figure company, based on helping others.

A service, run by a female entrepreneur, who is ready, first to recognize the obstacles, secondly to release them, and thirdly to maintain the successes.

A start-up, created by a woman, who is willing to cooperate with me and to be guided. She believes that investing in her growth is fundamental.

A business, owned by a mompreneur, who is aware that the fastest track to a thriving empire is through her transformation to bring her power back. 

”We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.”
J.K. Rowling

Commitment is crucial, but I do understand that there could be some excuses for remaining at a standstill in life, despite saying you feel fine in the situation where you are.
You might have plenty of time to dwell and think, and that is fine. As I am hired by women who are prepared to act, reach out to me when you are ready to fulfil your heart’s deepest desires.