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  • As a Founder of MDs’ Consultancy I represent a group of experts and specialists who bring bespoke and complex solutions to individuals and organizations in terms of navigating the transition through change.

  • Our mission is to develop diverse and inclusive leadership through supporting talented women within organizations.

  • We raise the confidence and potential of ambitious professionals through self-leadership to navigate the complexity of change the organizations are going through.

Anna Kaminska, Ph.D.

In my job, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with many coaches and leadership trainers, but the support and tools Marta offers are really special. Having worked with her personally, I can say she truly understands what authentic leadership means. With Marta, it’s not about just teaching general advice you can easily find online. Instead, her approach focuses on profound, authentic transformation and understanding who you are deep down. She helps you see past what society tells you should be and shows you that any limits you feel might just be from societal expectations and what others have told you.

Marta has guided me through a significant life transition, constantly reminding me of who I really am and helping me get back to that. Working with her has been a deeply transformative and powerful experience. While it wasn’t always comfortable confronting the realities of situations and recognizing people for who they truly are, it was ultimately liberating. Marta’s methodology transcends leadership clichés; it’s about really owning your big life choices.

I wholeheartedly recommend Marta to anyone eager to reconnect with their authentic self and lead a courageous life.

Konsultacja Marta Duda
Konsultacja Marta Duda

From the Founder Marta Duda,

I grew up in Poland where during communism censorship was always rigid and being different was almost illegal. I know how stressful not being seen and heard could be.

My background in architecture and property investing, I’ve been a part of 10 billion-dollar projects globally.

From hosting over 250 business and personal development events for nearly 4500 people I’ve gathered unique insights into human behavior of people in business.

Working within the HR department for 4 years in an organization of over 100 employees allowed me to understand the dynamics of small and medium organizations.

My vision is to drive meaningful and sustainable change from the inside out.

If you know an individual or organization that is not reaching their full potential as they might lack resources to navigate the challenges, Lets connect to create a smooth and seamless transition through change together.